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Faux Fur Hooded Jacket

faux fur jacket black celeblook right up my street
tan leather boots topshop
faux fur jacket from celeblook

faux fur hooded jacket

asos ridley ripped jeans blue

Plain White Tshirt - New Look
Ridley Ripped Jeans - Asos
Tan Leather Boots - Topshop
Faux Fur Jacket  - Celeblook (*)

Today I'm wearing the ultimate faux fur coat.

I look and feel like a teddy bear when I'm wearing this. Everyone at work keeps calling me Shirley Bassey when I wear this... if there referring to her when she was a young diva, I'll take that.

I was a bit dubious about what the quality was going to be like, but I was so wrong to even question. Since the weathers taken a turn for the worst, I've been snuggling inside this jacket day and night, and its kept me so warm. I've even been caught out in the rain once or twice, but luckily it didn't ruin the faux fur - which is always good to know.

The fur hood is the best, I always find coat hoods can be too short and never fully cover my head.. or my large quantity of hair, after all that's what I want a hood to do! As you can see in the first pic, this coat features an over-sized hood which is exactly how I like them.

I've matched up a plain white tee with my asos ripped ridley jeans, simple fashion is where its at today on this rainy Saturday morning.

I'm officially on holiday now for 9 days, so I think I'll go grab a blanket, some nibbles and a dvd and just stay put on the sofa today.. ahh bliss.

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Life lately through Instagram.

right up my street instagram
1. I went rooting through my wardrobe in aid of a clear-out, this turned into a 'trying on outfits' session ft. my fav fedora.
2. I've discovered a new loose leaf green tea by twinings; apple & elderflower flavour, its my detox at work.
3. I visited rocket holborn in london for a scrummy dinner & a cocktail, or three (review coming soon!)

right up my street blog
1. I also stayed at the new tune hotel in canary wharf, I was one of the first to try, review is up on the blog.
2. Another day, another knit. My zara blanket scarf is always firmly around my neck, inside and outside the office!
3. Last week was long. busy and stressful, a bubble bath to the brim was very much in order. 

1. Alex's birthday was the other weekend & I ate the biggest blueberry pancake I've ever seen at tom's kitchen.
2. The week before I indulged in a devine afternoon tea at the lancaster london hotel full of sweet treats! 
3. Its all about layers and polo necks. Oh and looking like a secretary. 

Over and out 

Red Shirt & Chunky Open Toe Heels.

chunky open toe heels

chunky open toe heels white new look

asos navy blue fedora

red blouse primark

right up my street fashion blog

Red Shirt - Primark
Skinny Jeans - Topshop

I'm back, with some fashion this time! 

Have you noticed my blog's had a makeover?

This template design is by the lovely Kotryna Bass, my previous simple, sleek blog design was also with her. Shes got some fabulous designs at such affordable prices and also sends across everything you'll need for an easy installation. I know a little bit about tech and html code as I work in digital marketing, however I'm no expert, but this was so simple to install and Kotryna is ever so helpful along the way, if you ever need to ask a quick question, or three!

If your looking for a new blog design, I highly recommend you check out her beautiful selection of blogger and wordpress templates.

In this latest post I've resorted to my kitchen again so I do apologise for the lighting. I'm struggling to get hold of any natural light, as you've probably noticed from the lack of fashion outfit posts recently. I seem to be at work from dusk till dawn these days, but I am noticing its getting lighter every day!

I'm on holiday all next week (only two more days at work!) and I'm super duper excited because I've been invited along to Bluestones national park in Wales to review a little lodge in the middle of the Pembrokeshire countryside, for 4 nights. Nothing pleases me more, to get away and escape to the country, do absolutely nothing, & set my mind free for a little while.. this is such a dreamy thought right now.

&&&... there will be all that open space and natural light where I can take hopefully snap some wonderful fashion style posts for you - watch this space!

Today I was just rummaging through my wardrobe and came across my selection of hats, popped on this asos navy fedora (one of my fav's) and knew I would have to take a couple of snaps in appreciation of my love for it. I'm totally crushing on the colour combo red, white and black right now.

What can I say about these white chunky heels? Pretty dreamy right.. and surprisingly so easy to walk in - don't let their height deceive you! 

Ever since I broke my arm, I'm really not one to clobber around in stupid heels I'm likely to crash and burn in, these are likely to be the only exception.

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